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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Storms and Summons

I haven't preached in a while at church, but am in the midst of preaching three straight weeks before I head to Duke for some continuing education. Right now I'm working on the lectionary text for this week, which is Jesus walking on water and Peter doing it for a little while.

I'm not quite sure where I'm headed yet for Sunday, but a strong possibility is that Jesus summons us, encouraging us for service in the kingdom by seeing possibilities in us that most people don't. It seems to me that in the history of Jesus' relationship with Peter is a constant calling, both a constant affirming of Peter's potential for leadership and a calling to risk-taking leadership that Peter, even the bold Peter, could never come up with on his own.

Reflecting on this text reminds me to be grateful for the many people in my life who did that for me - who both saw gifts in me that I didn't in myself and who challenged me to walk towards Jesus even when I wasn't quite sure the way or what the results would be. I also hope that I have done that for some people that I have come to know.

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